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Bedin Merlot


Type: Red Wine
Grape(s): Merlot
Wine Region: Treviso, Veneto

Winemaking: Certified sustainability, vegan


Tasting Notes: This classic Merlot is testament to the familys winemaking tradition and a great companion on the dinner table. Aromas of blackberry, plum, black cherry, prunes and figs, violet on the finish. Deep ruby red colour. Intense, distinctive bouquet. The soft tannins make it harmonic and well balanced in the mouth. Moderately alcoholic and with a good personality.


The Estate: Cantine Bedin was established in the early 20th century by the Bedin family. The winery has been passed down through generations, maintaining its family-run heritage. They are situated in the heart of the Prosecco DOC region, specifically in the hills of Asolo, which is known for its ideal conditions for producing high-quality Prosecco. The winery emphasizes sustainable and environmentally-friendly viticulture practices. They focus on minimal intervention in the vineyard and the cellar to let the natural characteristics of the grapes shine through in the wine. While they uphold traditional winemaking techniques, they also incorporates modern technology to enhance the quality and consistency of their wines.

Quality is their mission. Care and respect along every step of the journey is how they aim to achieve it. With these principles in mind, they started on a certification program that provides third party verification of their commitment to continuous improvement in order to deliver consistent, genuine and sustainable wines, crafted according to the highest quality standards.


Suggested food and wine pairing: Merlot is a versatile wine that pairs well with a variety of foods due to its soft tannins, medium acidity, and rich fruit flavors. It pairs well with grilled meats (steak, pork chops and tenderloin, chicken with herbs like rosemary or thyme), roast lamb, duck, game (rabbit), venison, beef or mushroom risotto, burgers, grilled vegetables (portobello mushroom, aubergine), quinoa, cheese (cheddar, gouda, parmesan), chocolate cake, chocolate-dipped berries.


Country - Italy

Type - Red Wine

ABV - 12%

Volume - 70cl

Bedin Merlot

VAT Included