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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

The Wine and the Wood was created through the inspiration of Rebecca Canfield. Her vision was to provide the latest digital platform that promotes the very best fine wines and spirits across the globe along side the very best produce from the heart of Lake District. 

With Cumbrian’s at the helms of Wine and the Wood we are friendly, well-travelled and want the best customer service we can offer our clients, whilst giving back to nature and our brilliant environment. 

Passionate about the wine and spirits industry, our employees all work towards the highest levels of Wine and Spirit Trust to ensure we can provide the best experience, advice and support to your journey of exploring the world of wine and Cumbrian produce.  

Wine and the Wood’s Team Vision is to be the UK’s leading sustainable wine and spirit’s merchant from the heart of the Lake District. 

Rebecca Canfield
Wine Bottle Selection, mixed cases of red and whire wine

Our Story

Our story begins with our suppliers, in that we assess their values, quality of produce, passion, story and consideration for the environment. That is why we are proud to support suppliers such as Lakes Distillery with their focus on sustainability and quality of product, whilst promoting all that is local. 

With the peace of mind for the conscious consumer we at Wine and the Wood care about the environment we operate in. So, we invest 5% of our profits into the replacement of new forests, promoting carbon offsetting as well as carbon insetting, as well as research and development into new transport and packaging solutions in the wine and spirits industry through academia and our internal projects.

Every time our consumers procure one of our stocked items, they know they are contributing to our mission and helping society through investment, innovation, and technology. So, sit back and relax, we are doing the hard work for you, leaving you to enjoy every sip!  

Our Suppliers and Partners

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