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Why is the Lakes the best for gin and whisky?

The Lakes whisky conveys the mood and character of the Lake District, this being the focus of the Lakes Distillery in creating their products. According to the producer, the Lake District was the perfect place to establish whisky and gin products, with the clean water of the fells and the beautiful Lake District scenery: “This is a good place to make whisky. It is a good place to be. It changes perspective, gets into your bones.”

The locally distilled products help people to experience a sense of the natural beauty of the Lake District. By creating these products in this location, it shows what the Lake District, and the Lakes Distillery, have to offer. As a result of their unique products, the Lakes Distillery has become a widely known company across the UK.

The Lakes Distillery was mainly inspired by nature itself, which forms the basis of its business and products. We were inspired by their story and motivations, which is why we decided that the Lakes gin and whisky was the perfect pairing for us. Where products have a meaning and a story, the customer is able to understand and appreciate the purpose of the business, and so relive the same experiences the producers had when creating their products.

Many people favour local products over those that are more widely produced, as there is a uniqueness to the products of a particular region. With its roaming fields, sparkling lakes, and natural mountain beauty, the Lakes is the perfect home to a variety of unique and special products, which we would love for you to experience.


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