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To Gin, or not to gin?

Our top 3 Gins and why Gin is the ultimate summer refresher…

As the days stretch longer and the sun casts its warm embrace, there’s a certain feeling in the air that whispers of summers arrival. It’s a season of leisure, lots of fun in the golden glow and cool evenings under starlit skies. And what better way to complement the elegant rhythms of Summer with a refreshing glass of gin?

Gin, with it’s crisp botanical notes and versatile character, emerges as the perfect companion to the sun-kissed days of Summer, as well as the warmer days in Spring. Whether enjoyed in a classic cocktail or savoured neat, gin embodies the essence of the hotter seasons like no other spirit.

Join us in this blog as we reveal to you our top 3 gins, chosen by you, our customers!



First up, we have ‘The Lakes Distillery Elderflower gin liqueur’. “With abundant notes of elegant elderflower, this is a delicately fragrant and uplifting liqueur with The Lakes Gin at its heart”.

This gin is floral, vibrant and is perfect to mix in to cocktails, this Summer. It is super refreshing and has a lively, yet fresh finish to your palate. The prefect drink to get you through a sizzling hot day, or to help you cool down on the warmer nights. At 25% ABV, 70CL, The Lakes Elderflower Gin liqueur is available at Wine and the Wood for £25.

The Lakes Elderflower Gin


Next, what other than the ‘Carlisle Gin Blood orange and lime’? This one is a super popular choice, with unique flavouring and radiant colour, you can’t go wrong. The naturally infused flavours of blood oranges and lime, create a sweet and very tasty gin described as ‘bringing summer to you in a glass!’ Perfectly paired with a light tonic and an orange wedge to garnish. The ideal drink for lying by a pool or waiting for the BBQ to cook. Refreshing, tropical and vivid.

37.5% ABV, 70CL, The Carlisle Gin Blood orange and Lime is now in our SALE! Was £32.99, now £28! Also available in handcrafted dry gin and raspberry and passionfruit.

Carlisle Blood Orange and Lime Gin


What better way to finish than with a classic? ‘The Lakes Gin, Classic Gin’ is the ultimate go to. Ideal for mixing with tonics or into cocktails or simply drinking neat if you prefer a little kick. It is a classic English Gin with notes of juniper, cracked black pepper and orange peel. “Gently distilled with the luxury of time for exceptional smoothness.” Available in a few different flavours! 46% ABV, 70CL, The Lakes gin is £36.50 over at Wine and the Wood.

The Lakes Gin


So, with us well and truly into Spring and with essences of summer approaching, there is no better time to get the gin out and start indulging in the hotter days and lighter nights. Cheers to the sun setting after 8pm!

Happy gin shopping!


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